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Software by Nelis specializes in delivering software that is custom designed to suit your business needs. Our software does not force you to change your present operation. Our software adapts to how you run your business. Properly designed custom tailored software can reduce the time required to accomplish routine tasks. We work with you to learn your operation and suggest where we feel that custom tailored software would be beneficial to you. Our approach is to identify your business functions which are time consuming, error prone, repetitious, etc and figure out how to put the computer to work for you.

Software by Nelis provides computer system support and consulting services for stand-alone and networked small business computer systems. This includes but is not limited to system design, network design, system configuration, system installation, software selection, software installation, software configuration, troubleshooting, routine maintenance, and training. We work with you to learn your needs and provide the support services that you require to keep your system there for you.

Software by Nelis has a history of providing first time computer users with cost effective small business systems, easy to use software, training, and support.

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